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Test Code: FCD34
Description: CD34 is a transmembrane glycoprotein found on human myeloid and lymphoid progenitor cells, as well as endothelial progenitor cells. CD34+ progenitor cells are used in stem cell transplantation to repopulate the bone marrow after myeloablative conditioning. Prior to transplantation, patients are prepared for stem cell harvesting using G-CSF mobilization, and then peripheral leukocytes are collected by apheresis. Stem cell enumeration ensures that CD34+ stem cells are present in sufficient numbers to repopulate the bone marrow following storage.
This assay enumerates CD34+ progenitor cells by flow cytometry using a PE-conjugated class III CD34 reagent antibody, with data analysis using the ISHAGE sequential gating strategy. This gating strategy selects the population of interest while minimizing interference from debris and nonspecific CD34 reagent binding to non-progenitor cells.


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