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Test Code: AVIN
RequisitionVirology Test Requisition
Description: Our integrase antiviral resistance test utilizes sequence analysis of the HIV-1 integrase gene to identify mutations that confer raltegravir resistance. This test can be ordered together with our standard reverse transcriptase and protease sequence test or as a stand-alone test.

Click here for more information on HIV Genotyping / Sequencing (GART)

Indications: Raltegravir, brand name Isentress, is a first-in-its-class oral integrase inhibitor that prevents HIV-1 replication by inhibiting the insertion of virally encoded DNA into the human genome. The addition of raltegravir to optimized background therapy in treatment-experienced HIV infected patients results in significant reductions in HIV firal loads and increased CD4 counts (for review see Hicks and Glick.  Clin Infect Dls. 2009:48(7):931-9). However, in a recent study, nearly one quarter of raltegravir treated patients developed virologic failure associated with genotype evidence of integrase resistance (Cooper et al. N Engl J Med. 2008: 359(4):355-65).


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