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Test Code: PATH18
Description: This test is intended for use in managing patients with mycosis fungoides/Sézary syndrome (MF/SS) or related mature T cell neoplasms, and generates a hematopathology report with interpretation of findings. This limited panel includes CD3, CD4, CD7, CD26, CD25, CD30, CD52 and CD45. Not all abnormal T cell populations will be detectable by this panel. Any abnormal populations identified by this panel will be described, and their reactivity for CD25, CD30 and CD52 will be reported. If no abnormal population is identified, results for CD25, CD30 and CD52 will be provided for the CD7-negative and CD26-negative subsets of CD4+ T cells. In that event, a diagnostic flow cytometric immunophenotyping study may identify abnormal populations not detected by this limited panel.


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