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Kerri Rieger, M.D., Ph.D.
Roberto Novoa, M.D.

Consultation Hotline: (650) 796-9100
Dermatopathology Fellows’ Desk: (650) 498-7396


Dermatopathology at Stanford University Medical Center
The Stanford University Dermatopathology Consultants are committed to the highest quality of care and rapid turn around time for your patients.

Distinctive Services

  • Full Clinicopathologic correlation
  • Individualized Consultation Services
  • Expertise in Cutaneous Lymphoma and Difficult Melanocytic Lesions
  • Full Assessment of Epidermolysis Bullosa Congenita
    - Immunomapping analysis
    - Electron microscopy
  • Molecular Diagnostics, including TCR and IGH gene rearrangement studies
  • Muir Torre syndrome-associated mutations

Full service laboratory that includes

  • Histology
  • Special Stains
  • State of the Art Immunohistochemistry
  • Immunofluorescence (Including Salt Split Analysis)
  • Immunophenotyping


Our immunohistochemical laboratory is fully equipped to perform a wide array of antibody stains. We practice judicious use of special techniques and do not apply them indiscriminately.

In addition to a broad spectrum of differentiation antibodies we recently introduced:

  • HHV-8 LNA-1, a highly specific antibody for Kaposis sarcoma and other HHV-8 associated neoplasms.
  • MLH1 and MSH2 to detect defects in DNA mismatch repair genes in the setting of sebaceous neoplasms and Muir-Torre syndrome.

For a complete listing of special stains and antibodies see:
Immunohistochemistry Stains
Special Stains


  • Results called or faxed to the referring physician within 2 business days of receipt of the specimen in most cases
  • Physician Web Portal - Automated email notification when results are available
  • Provide full clinico-pathologic correlation with primary care physician’s or dermatologist’s clinical impressions
  • Complimentary slides can be provided upon request
  • Relevant literature review with publications listed directly within the report

Sample submissions

  • Specimen collection kits are available for light microscopy, immunofluorescence
    and electron microscopy
  • Pre-addressed FedEx mailers for established clients outside our local area

In-House Expert Consultation Services (available at no additional cost)

  • Soft Tissue
  • Hematopathology

Billing - Contracted with most of the large insurers

  • PPO, POS & EPO
  • Medicare
  • Medi-Cal
  • HMO billing with authorization
  • Client billing

Dermatopathology at Stanford University Medical Center

Stanford University Medical Center
Laboratory of Surgical Pathology
300 Pasteur Drive, Room H2110
Stanford, CA 94305

Customer Service: (877) 717-3733
Service Representative: (650) 723-6736

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