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HMO Billing Information

In an effort to streamline processes and maintain consistency across our billing organization, we will be changing the way that we process our professional billing for HMO patients who require pre-authorization for procedures to mirror the process currently used by our technical billing department.

Ideally, the HMO patients will have received pre-authorization prior to having the procedure. Obtaining pre-authorization allows us to bill the HMO directly, saving your staff the time and effort that it takes to complete the authorization process after the procedure has been completed.

However, in cases that getting pre-authorization is not possible, our billing department will contact you after the procedure to obtain authorization so we can move forward with billing the HMO. If we have not received the authorization to bill the HMO within 2 weeks of this initial contact, the service charges will be billed directly to your facility/practice. This change in collection provides a consistent billing practice across both the professional and technical components of your Stanford service. It also allows us to bill in a more efficient and timely manner, providing faster billing to your patients and decreasing the amount of time required by your staff for the ongoing follow-up on these cases.

If you have any questions, please donít hesitate to contact our Billing Lead at (650) 736-7918. We appreciate your business and your understanding on this matter.


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