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Hematopathology Services & Surgical Pathology > Renal Pathology Program

Director: John Higgins, M.D.
Director: Neeraja Kambham, M.D.
Director: Richard Sibley, M.D.

Renal Pathology Brochure


The Stanford University Renal Pathology Consultants are committed to the highest quality of care and rapid turn around time for renal biopsy diagnosis.

We process native and transplant kidney biopsies from adults and children.

  • Electron microscopy
  • Light microscopy
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Immunohistochemistry

Immunofluorescence microscopy

  • Routine panel consists of IgG, IgM, IgA, C3, C1q, albumin, fibrinogen, kappa and lambda light chains
  • Subtyping of amyloid (amyloid A, transthyretin, fibrinogen, kappa and lambda light chains)
  • Characterization of Alport syndrome (α3 and α5 chains of type IV collagen)


  • Full range of immunohistochemistry resources available for biopsies with atypical lymphoid/plasma cell infiltrates or incidental malignancies
  • Other immunohistochemistry markers C4d, CD20 (transplant biopsies), IgG4 (heavy chain subtype) and lysozyme (hereditary amyloid subtyping)

Biopsy Results

Rapid, same day processing of the specimen, including review of material on weekends

  • Within 12-24 hrs of receipt results are called or faxed to the referring physician for light microscopic, immunofluorescence and/or immunohistochemical analysis
  • Final results for electron microscopy are reported within 3 days

Consultation Services

  • Extensive clinicopathologic correlation and timely communication with the Nephrologists/Pathologists
  • Direct access to the on call Renal Pathologist using “hotline” phone number
  • Literature review on unusual findings provided and results discussed with the Nephrologist as warranted
  • Periodic interactive conferences may also be scheduled upon request

Sample submissions

Stanford Renal Pathology Consultation Service

Stanford University Medical Center
Laboratory of Surgical Pathology
300 Pasteur Drive, Room H2110
Stanford, CA 94305
Customer Service: (877) 717-3733

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